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An illustrated edition of J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan manuscript 

This edition features a reproduction of the original manuscript of Scottish-born writer James Matthew Barrie’s novel Peter Pan & Wendy (1911) for the first time.

Springing from his imagination in the early 20th century, Peter Pan has entered millions of readers’ consciousness with a touch of fairy dust and a lot of brilliance, inspiring a seemingly endless stream of adaptations for stage and screen. But Barrie’s version is much more complex than some of the films would have us believe, and his original manuscript is even more exciting.

The treasured manuscript, which is in the New York Public Library’s prestigious Berg Collection, has been a well-kept secret until now. This is the first time it has been reproduced and presented to the public in print form. Its 282 pages are enhanced with colour illustrations that artist Gwynedd Hudson made for a 1930 edition.

open book Peter Pan
This version of the novel, in James Matthew Barrie's original handwriting, relates the real adventures of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook and the Darling children

The writing of Peter Pan: from play to novel, Kensington Gardens to Neverland

Since its publication just over a century ago, Peter Pan has continued to spread its magical glow over generations of readers, joining the pantheon of the world’s most timeless tales and becoming almost more famous than its author: Scottish-born James Matthew Barrie, who knew from an early age that he was going to be a writer.

Born in 1860, Barrie moved to London in 1885, where he carved out a name for himself as a successful playwright. One day in 1897 he was out walking his dog, a Saint Bernard who inspired the character of Nana, in London's Kensington Gardens when he met the Llewelyn Davies children and their mother Sylvia. A deep friendship developed between them, which inspired the character of Peter Pan in the 1902 novel The Little White Bird. Peter, a magical boy who flies around with fairies in Kensington Gardens, was then very different from the bold practical joker who fearlessly and unscrupulously defies the fiendish Captain Hook.

In 1904, Barrie developed the character further in Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, a "magical comedy" first performed at the Duke of York Theatre in London. The play was such a hit that Barrie felt impelled to write a longer novel in 1911, Peter Pan & Wendy. For the first time, our book reproduces the manuscript in a version fully restored by a team of specialised graphic designers and with Gwynedd Hudson’s illustrations.

The original manuscript of J. M. Barrie’s novel

"Second to the right, and straight on till morning": everyone knows the way to Barrie’s imaginary land. But who really knows the story of Peter Pan, the one that unfurls under his pen through his fine, neat, confident writing?

The 282-page manuscript’s cross-outs and changes reveal the revisions Barrie made while writing the novel. We discover that Peter Pan was even cheekier and more brazen than in the published book and that the imaginary world where his adventures took place was then called "Never Never Land" rather than "Neverland" — perhaps as a warning to adults tempted to take the risk?

Gwynedd Hudson’s illustrations

In this book, the adventures of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the three Darling children — Wendy, John and George — are enhanced with many colour illustrations. Artist Gwynedd Hudson produced this series for one of the last editions to appear during Barrie's lifetime. Although her name is little known today, her illustrations for Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland are popular with bibliophiles.

J. M. Barrie’s literary and humanist legacy

Barrie may not have been able to fly like Peter Pan, but he spread his guardian angel wings over the Davies orphans, helping them financially when their parents died, and over the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children, founded in 1852, a few years before his birth. In 1929, he transferred Peter Pan's copyright to the hospital for life, which led to a new legal situation: the British Parliament enacted an unprecedented law allowing the hospital to exercise its right in perpetuity. Great Ormond Street Hospital is now one of the world's leading children hospitals and helps children not just throughout the UK but worldwide.

1,000 hand-numbered copies

Fans will be able to read the previously unpublished version of the story in Barrie’s own handwriting and see the amendments he made to his manuscript as he was writing it. (...)

It’s a rare treat to be able to read an author’s work in their own handwriting. Although it takes a moment to acclimatise to Barrie’s incredibly neat – somewhat period specific – script, you soon find it makes for an extraordinarily intimate reading experience, as if he’s addressing you directly through the mists of time. (...)

This luxurious volume reveals the author at work by offering an insider’s look at the process of crafting a classic beloved by readers worldwide.  (...)
M.F. Jamet

L'écume des jours

Bravo pour le travail patrimonial que fait votre maison d’éditions. La bibliothécaire que je fus y est très sensible !


Je t'aime... moi non plus

J'ai commandé cette copie et elle m'a été envoyé rapidement et en parfaite état, j'habite en Arizona alors ce n'est pas chose aisée. Je suis ravie de l'exemplaire reçue, l'article est une reproduction parfaite. J'aurai toutefois apprécié étant visiblement un article en vente en édition limité recevoir un numéro d'authenticité. Je recommande cet article et le SAV est réactif. Merci aux éditions Les Saints Pères de proposer de si beaux articles.

Charles ALUNNI

La Théorie de la relativité générale

I am the happy owner of the number 243 of this wonderful reproduction of Einstein's text. It was my Christmas' gift made by my son. I must say that it is a PERFECT, aesthetic and very well done work. It's simply a masterpiece, a treasure of the world of edition…

Antoine C

Le Deuxième sexe

Avis à tous les passionnés : voilà un manuscrit bien émouvant. Un peu difficile à déchiffrer au premier abord, mais l'oeil s'habitue vite à l'écriture. Chapeau bas Mme de Beauvoir !



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Autour de la Lune

Je suis l´heureux acquéreur de l´exemplaire numéro 701 acquis chez Listler Metz. Bravo pour la qualité de cet ouvrage.

Emily K

The Picture of Dorian Gray

I am most impressed with my order. The printing of the manuscript and the book binding quality are second to none. The embossing on the book protector is beautiful. My order arrived in just over a week to Australia - very, very quick! I am so very happy with this investment and I will cherish my book forever. Thank you very much SP Books.

Stella Gow

The Picture of Dorian Gray

The product and service are faultless.


Alice au pays des merveilles

Très belle quelle qualité des ouvrages et les conditions d'envoi sont excellentes Merci à vous


The New York Trilogy

Très belle quelle qualité des ouvrages et les conditions d'envoi sont excellentes Merci à vous.



Merci pour ces éditions originales : rapport qualité prix excellent.


Autour de la Lune

Merci pour ces éditions originales : rapport qualité prix excellent.



C’est toujours avec grand plaisir que je découvre vos éditions.

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Notre-Dame de Paris

Un magnifique ouvrage, devenu une des pierres angulaires de ma bibliothèque… Merci infiniment.

J. Chantelot


Extrêmement satisfait de mes deux commandes. Un vrai bonheur.

Ch. Wachs

La Nuit des temps

L'ouvrage est juste magnifique et respire la qualité et l'amour du travail bien fait. Comme toujours la livraison a été parfaite. Ne changez rien.

Storm S

Mrs Dalloway

This perfectly constructed copy of the manuscript of Mrs. Dalloway (The Hours) is stunning and perfect. You can see the time and skill that was put into to reproducing such a copy. The pages smell wonderful and have a distinct feel to them. Very high quality!


Mrs Dalloway

This is such a beautiful book. I've just ordered my copy. I am very excited.

Fabian H.

Cyrano de Bergerac

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Delphine Le Clair

La Nuit des temps

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Juliet B

Jane Eyre

This is such a beautiful manuscript and a must for Jane Eyre fans. It is high quality and beautifully presented. I feel honoured to own one


Cyrano de Bergerac

La qualité de la reproduction est indéniable ! Bravo.


Jane Eyre

I am in deep love for the pure soncere soul of charlotte

Dominique Mérian

Cyrano de Bergerac

Dois-je comprendre que le manuscrit de la tirade des "non merci" n'a pas été conservée ?
Tristesse !

pierre de bonneville

Le Deuxième sexe

Je viens de recevoir l'exemplaire n°17 et je suis tres content

Brandy Anderson


I just received my copy of 'Frankenstein' and I am so love with the edition. The book is gorgeous, well-made, and it lights up my Shelleyan heart. I cannot recommend this book, or SP books enough. They have been very pleasant to order from, they've been prompt in customer service, and their product is beyond compare. I'm very pleased!!!

Megan G


Very beautiful.

maisonneuve elie

La Gloire de mon père

superbe ouvrage. très veau livre dans un bel emballage.


Notre-Dame de Paris

Cet ouvrage est absolument magnifique. Jeune étudiant en Lettres Modernes, Hugolien dans l'âme, je rêvais de pouvoir un jour m'offrir ce manuscrit qui est celui, selon moi, du plus grand chef d'oeuvre de Hugo. La qualité du papier est remarquable, l'impression est soignée...

Hugo n'est pas l'auteur le plus facile à lire uniquement à l'écriture, et il faut dans un premier temps disposer d'une autre édition pour pouvoir suivre l'écriture de l'auteur. Néanmoins, quel plaisir de pouvoir commencer à discerner seul(e) les phrases après un temps d'adaptation !

Je recommande cette édition à tous les passionné(e)s de Hugo, qui trouveront leur bonheur avec ce manuscrit, à n'en pas douter !

Claude Surzur


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