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Une saison en enfer (A Season in Hell)
24,5 in. x 12,5 in. frame
3 handwritten pages - French
Limited edition

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Arthur Rimbaud: A Season in Hell

Was the most precocious and brilliant poet in the history of France aware that this work, a 'prodigious spiritual autobiography' according to Verlaine, would soon become one of the most widely read works in the world, a century after his death? Did he know that these lines would soon represent his abrupt farewell to poetry? 

Limited edition: 1,000 hand numbered copies

This framed print is composed of the only extant fragments of Rimbaud's Manuscript for A Season in Hell, written recto-verso. They are considered as drafts of Mauvais sangNuit de l'enfer and Alchimie du verbe. On the verso of these sheets, one can find the trace of a later work, Proses évangéliques, that Rimbaud would have written during the same period as A Season in Hell.

Written between April and August 1873, when the poet was only 19 years old, A Season in Hell was the only work that Rimbaud printed himself with the Alliance typographique M. J. Poot et Compagnie – 54 pages as a little book (18,3 cm sur 12,4 cm) – limited to only 500 copies sold for 1 franc each.

Intime avec Rimbaud

Superbe reproduction (les contours du 3eme feuillet auraient mérités un traitement identiques aux deux premiers... les traits blancs de la découpe apparaissent.. mais je pinaille!). Un voyage dans le processus créatif d'un chef d'œuvre.


L'encadrement met merveilleusement en valeur le manuscrit ! Merci pour votre travail. Offert à un amoureux de littérature comblé.

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