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Une saison en enfer (A Season in Hell)
3 handwritten pages
1,000 copy limited edition

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Arthur Rimbaud: A Season in Hell

Was the most precocious and brilliant poet in the history of France aware that this work, a 'prodigious spiritual autobiography' according to Verlaine, would soon become one of the most widely read works in the world, a century after his death? Did he know that these lines would soon represent his abrupt farewell to poetry? 

Limited edition: 1,000 hand numbered copies

This framed print is composed of the only extant fragments of Rimbaud's Manuscript for A Season in Hell, written recto-verso. They are considered as drafts of Mauvais sangNuit de l'enfer and Alchimie du verbe. On the verso of these sheets, one can find the trace of a later work, Proses évangéliques, that Rimbaud would have written during the same period as A Season in Hell.

Written between April and August 1873, when the poet was only 19 years old, A Season in Hell was the only work that Rimbaud printed himself with the Alliance typographique M. J. Poot et Compagnie – 54 pages as a little book (18,3 cm sur 12,4 cm) – limited to only 500 copies sold for 1 franc each.

  • ISBN: 9791095457329
  • Pages: 6
  • Number of frames: 1
  • Frame size: 30 cm x 60 cm
  • Numbered copy: yes
  • Frame: wood/black
  • Framing: double glass framing
  • Language: French


L'encadrement met merveilleusement en valeur le manuscrit ! Merci pour votre travail. Offert à un amoureux de littérature comblé.

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