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Louis Ferdinand Céline : Left Hand Letter

An exceptional document from Céline's life.

November 1914. Louis-Ferdinand Céline, who had already enlisted before call-up in the 12th Cuirassier Regiment by 1912, volunteered for a perilous mission.

Wounded in his right arm on 27 October 1914, at the battle of Poelkapelle, the medical officer recommended amputation. Céline refused, was transferred, then operated on in Hazebrouck, where he wrote this letter. In it, he recounts his physical pain, his hope to recover, his lack of sleep... 

Limited edition: 1,000 hand numbered copies

(10 print runs of 100 copies)

Louis ferdinand Celine's left hand letter

Céline would then be sent to l’hôpital du Val-de-Grâce, receive a military medal as well as the silver star Croix de Guerre, and later undergo another operation at the hôpital Paul-Brousse de Villejuif.

  • ISBN: 9791095457138
  • Print run: hand numbered
  • Number of frames: 1
  • Frame size: 32.2 x 42.2 cm (12.7 x 16.7 inches)
  • Numbered copy: Yes
  • Frame: wood/black
  • Framing: double glass framing
  • Language: French

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