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Bilingual edition
The manuscript is written in old French,
the comments are both in French and English

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The Bible

Who actually wrote the Bible‭, ‬that series of sixty-six holy books of multiple genres‭? ‬Where did the Old and New Testaments come‭ ‬from‭, ‬written before and after the birth of Christ‭? ‬

To answer these questions‭, ‬at most we can rely upon ancient manuscripts to retrace the evolution‭. ‬Originally‭, ‬the Bible was written in Hebrew and Aramaic‭. ‬It was later translated into Greek and then Latin. ‬Saint Jerome's Latin translation‭, ‬the‭ ‬Vulgate‭, ‬founded the Church in the fifth century and inspired numerous commentaries that influenced the intellectual history of the West‭, ‬such as those of Petrus Comestor‭, ‬the Master Historian of Medieval Europe and author of the‭ ‬Historia Scholastica‭. ‬

But in the Middle Ages‭, ‬Latin was‭, ‬in reality‭, ‬the language of the learned‭, ‬of Mass‭. ‬The people -- ‬and even the priests-- did not fully comprehend it‭. ‬

The Bible - book open and historiated initial - illuminated letter

The first translation in French prose

The first French prose translation‭ is ‬one of the most famous translations in the history of the Bible‭ and ‬dates back to 1295‭: ‬the‭ ‬Bible Historiale‭ ‬translated and compiled by Guyart des Moulins. Historiale ‬may be translated as‭ ‬illustrated, ‬but it also means‭ related to history. ‬The document juxtaposed the‭ ‬Vulgate‭ ‬and the‭ ‬Historia Scholastica‭, ‬but it was also a compendium of the legends and sciences needed to interpret the holy texts of Antiquity‭.

‬It was thus a book within a book‭, ‬like a lengthy commentary‭, ‬with numerous ramifications‭, ‬fuelled by medieval folklore from the East and West‭, ‬combining Jewish thought with Christian Revelations‭.

‬It contains the words of Moses the stutterer‭, ‬a soldier in Pharaoh's army‭, ‬magician and astronomer‭, ‬and the‭ ‬Natural Histories‭ ‬of Pliny the Elder‭. ‬This Bible is a veritable encyclopaedia of the Middle Ages‭.‬

The Bible, big book

A collective effort

The manuscript‭, ‬which was copied‭, ‬annotated and illuminated in 1411‭, ‬was chosen on the advice of Xavier-Laurent Salvador‭ ‬and was the fruit of the work of a number of renowned artists from the Middle Ages‭: ‬authors Saint Jerome and Petrus Comestor‭, ‬translator Guyart des Moulins‭, ‬a copyist named Thomas du Val from the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Clairefontaine‭; ‬and the illustrator known as the Egerton Master‭. ‬Kept at the British Library‭, ‬the original is a unique document‭. ‬

The first stories from the First Testament

This volume contains the first part of the New Testement : Genesis‭, ‬Exodus‭, ‬Leviticus‭, ‬Deuteronomy‭, ‬Numbers‭, ‬Joshua‭, ‬Judges and Kings‭.
‬These will be followed by a second edition in 2018. 

Large format

A large format edition of the bible

The book is published in its original size: 19 in x 14 in

  • ISBN: 9791095457442
  • height: 19 in
  • Width: 14 in
  • Depth: 1,5 in
  • Weight: 12 Lbs.
  • Cover: Green
  • Endband: Black
  • Bookmark: Black
  • Endpaper: Black
  • Print: Color
  • Gilding : Slipcase, cover, border
  • Marquage: Or
  • Print run: 1,850 copies
  • Numbered copy: Yes
  • Language: French

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