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Framed manuscripts: a unique collection of letters, poems, lyrics and scores

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We venture into the vaults of some of the world’s greatest libraries, institutions and private collections to unearth lost literary treasures. We bring new life to much-loved literary masterpieces by publishing the manuscripts in their original handwritten form.
Our beautifully reproduced manuscripts offer a completely unique reading experience that connects you with literature's greatest writers, offering fascinating insights into the writer's creative process through the original workings, revisions, editorial notes and marginalia.
Our approach to publishing intimately links a love of literature with an appreciation for unique and beautiful objects. In this increasingly digitized world, our goal is to restore the magic of the manuscript as a pure and untouched artistic expression between the artist and their work. Published in their entirety in large format, our editions are presented in handmade luxury slipcases and bound using the finest materials. Each book is hand-numbered as part of a limited print run, offering a beautiful, collectable keepsake.
SP Books is committed to the preservation of our literary heritage. Through sophisticated new techniques similar to the restoration of old paintings, we are able to restore even the most fragile and hard-to-handle manuscripts. Using high quality printing and production processes, we restore and reproduce the original pages to create the feeling that you are holding the author’s manuscript in your hands. We want their handwriting to ‘live’, as though you are reading over the author’s shoulder.
SP Books was founded in Saint-Germain-des-Prés by young publishers Jessica Nelson & Nicolas Tretiakow with the aim of creating a unique collection of great manuscripts. Nicolas Tretiakow is the General Manager of the company, while Jessica Neslon oversees the London and New-York offices. Charlotte Desaint supervises the Office in Paris and Ludivine Le Barbier the one in Cambremer. Lea Triomphe, Johnny Cabouret, Digby Halsby, Lucy Daunas, Sandi Mendelson, Deborah Jensen and Sascha Melein also work with the Company. Jessica & Nicolas Would like to special thank Merlin Holland, Julien Paganetti, Dominique Marny, Nicole Bertolt, Gilles Paris and Anne & Arnaud.

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